Notre Dame Outdoor Club

Vancouver, BC

Basic Equipment

The Club provides its members with packs, tents, sleeping pads, and all paddling equipment (with the exception of wetsuits). If you want to buy your own personal equipment, please consider the following:

1) Shop at MEC. MEC has supported our club since we began, so we like to return the favour. But more than that, MEC has excellent product range, good pricing, and a bombproof return policy.

2) For paddling gear, visit our friends at Ecomarine or Deep Cove Outdoors. These stores have excellent service and products for kayaking.

Specific suggestions:

 a) Sleeping bags. The MEC Oasis (barrel shaped) is great summer bag. If you want more warmth, the Aquila and Aquilina are both good value. Look here.

b) Sleeping pads. Thermarest RidgeRest and Z Light pads are cheap and super durable. Look here.

c) Tents. For a kayaking tent that will see years of use, consider the MEC Wanderer 2. For a decent (though heavy) backpacking tent for someone under 6' tall, try the Tarn 2. Also check out the Camper 2. Look here.

 d) Fleece. Shop at Costco for cheap fleece and synthetic base layers. Their Paradox garments are good value. Just remember: no cotton!

e) Shoes. Light hiking boots are perfectly fine for the mountain activities the club participates in. Wear extra wool socks in winter and you can even do some light snowshoeing (though a dedicated winter boot is preferable). Look here

f) Headlamp. This is an essential piece of camp gear, as well as a safety item on day hike (one of the 10 Essentials). Avoid Princeton Tec lights: Petzel and Black Diamon are better. Our recommendation: the Petzl Tikkina. Look here

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